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College Software

College Management Software

College Management System Software are compose for aid to Manage all the activities of an college by a Software. Software contains facilities like managing Student registration, Fee collection, Student transfer, Reports and many more. The software is a very good medium to maintain the college data in a structured format. Namely the software build for to control, to command, to Estimate, to Plan and to Organize the management of College.

Parakite solutions furnish you a software for college activities that manage such type of complexities that you face during management of college like student management, staff management, fee management, store management, library management, books publication management etc. and overcome these complexities and give you a solution that manage day to day activities performed in a college in daily routine manner. We furnish to this solution that has many facts that help to users to store, find, and also accessing the information in really uncomplicated way that has been improve the accessibility of any type of management project. Parakite Solutions is an extreme College Management System Software development company that build customize and cost-effective solutions for our clients within budget and timeline

College Management System

Our company provides college management system that manages many work of college such as student record management, examination management, student activities managemnet, library management, human resources etc.

We supports effective features for college management
    • Parakite solutions is customized and configurable.
    • Our software can be easily customized for users.
    • College management software brings effectiveness in manage the records.
    • Software are used for student reporting as well as for teachers
    • it is build on new technology which makes you more impressive in your business

For access from small to large scale information with these software ease to store and retrieve in much lighter and well performed manners. Operations execute on these software are likely produced accurate and efficient information. Periodically students need on any stage of life to acquisition the data of previous years, but without help of these software’s they could not access data at desired time. So the maintenance of data of the all persons that relate to the college simply available on the database. So they can access the data from database in such the acquired time manner.

College Software erp

Our company understand that all the functions of college should be valid and managerial. Our team must be added erp option in college software. In this way our college software erp secure all the information, 24 hours support, cost down software, customized services etc.

Software Modules

Administration Module
  • Class Master
  • Section Master
  • Fee Master
  • Expense Master
  • Profile Master
  • Time Table Master
  • Reports Modification Master
Student Admission Module
  • Student Registration
  • Student Admission
  • Student Modification
  • Student Transfer Certificate
  • Student Certificate
  • Documents Upload
  • I-Cards
Fee Collection Module
  • Fee Collection
  • Department Wise Fee
  • Fee Receipt
  • Fee Discounts
  • Fee Modification
Transport Module
  • User Master
  • Vehicle Master
  • Vehicle Information
  • Route-Wise Bus Management
  • Vehicle Route
  • Stoppage Wise Fee
  • Printing/Reports

  • Grade Master
  • Marks Master
  • Exam Master
  • Result Master
  • CGPA Report
  • Grade Performance
  • Reports
  • Book Master
  • Book Issue Records
  • Book Cancellation
  • Book Re-Issue Master
  • Issue Reports
  • Book Issue Late Fee
  • Reports
Hr & Payroll
  • Department Master
  • Staff Master
  • Salary Master
  • Generate salary slip
  • Allowance & Deduction
  • Reports
  • Item Master
  • Item Updation
  • Vendor Profile
  • Item Accounts
  • Issue Item Student