Nidhi Society Software

Nidhi Society Software

Nidhi Society Software

Nidhi Society Software provides the flexibility to improve the working of various banking institutions, credit cooperative society, Nidhi mutual profit company and small non-depository financial institutions. These software facilitates the user to overcome the hurdles of various banking sectors by providing services like RD(Recurring Deposit), FD(Fixed Deposit), MIS, Saving Account, Mortgage loan, Saving Account Interest Calculations, Prematurity, Passbook printing etc.

Nidhi Society Software Development

Parakite Solutions provides you an inexpensive, customized, securable and flexible Nidhi Society software that complete or fulfill client needs. We have 5+ years of working experience with nidhi society software development. We have worked with so many credit cooperative societies who are running organizations like RDFD, Nidhi Society, Credit Cooperative Society, MLM and countless. Our Services with clients do not end with time. Our Service & Support Staff available 24/7.

Nidhi Society Software India

Nidhi Society Software helps to all customers for all banking processes in terms of services. These Software prepared according to user requirements, under guidance of the experts of banking. So users could not face different obstacles during banking processes. Nidhi Society Software also called as Mini Banking Software. Hence software give complete support and assured that your overall saving plans will give you the expecting money back that held by the Banking norms & Conditions. Your savings plans will give you such type of opportunities seems like House financing help, Business financing help that helps to you for making your dreams come true. Your investments are completely secured and making the best out of the available market opportunities. The Software provide you the plans which suits according to your requirements for your benefits.

Nidhi Society Software with Parakite Solutions

Our Nidhi Society Software provide Flexibility in working in such a way that you could focus on expanding your work with external resource. Our Software is so much secure by the measure of our client data. In addition Mutual Benefit Nidhi software controls and manages different types of accounts like Saving A/c, Current A/c, FD A/c, RD A/c, DDS A/c, management of Cheque book and Pass book and handle all kind of Loan operations, Printing Loan Ledger, Automatic Interest Calculations according to current rate, duration and investment etc. due to these facilities you can manage all working process at the hand.

Nidhi Society Software Facilitates

This Software provides the facility of FD (Fixed Deposit), RD(Reduction Deposit), MIS and large or small amount of Cash deposit. We furnish you a fully customization and integrated with real time Mobile, SMS banking, Email system, online banking, Debit and credit card facilities etc. We prepare an updated version of our software as soon as possible that seems like this yet having more facilities, according to market research and need in banking areas and making it a sufficient and portable accessibility for clients.

This software is simple and easy to understand for users as well as our clients because of its flexibility. Consequently a person can achieve the mastery in this software in very less time with basic computer knowledge. This software support general accounting(POS) with facilities of reporting system like Cash-Bank Book, Journal Entries, General Ledgers, Trial Balance, Day Book, Fix Deposit, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet etc.

Software Modules

Masters Module
  • Branch Master
  • Collection Center Master
  • Rank Master
  • Plan Master
  • Pre-Maturity Master
  • Commission Master
Scheme Masters Module
  • Member Management
  • Advisor Management
  • Activation & Deactivation of Schemes
  • Scheme Wise Prematurity
  • Penalty Provision
  • Payout Details Master
  • RD, FD, MIS, Daily Plans Creation
Fee SMS Integration
  • Scheduled Sms Integration
  • Policy Updation Sms
  • User Modification Sms
  • Custom Sms Integration
Account Master
  • Receive Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Branch Balance
  • Day Book
  • BalanceSheet

Member Management
  • Members Registration
  • Member Complete Summary Report
  • Members Report
Agent Management
  • Agent Registration
  • Agent Complete Summary Report
  • Agent Report
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Daily Policy
  • MIP Policy
  • Bond Policy
  • IR-Regularity Management
  • Approve Policy
  • Approve Installment Receipt
  • Installment Receipt
  • Policy Certificate Print
  • Cash Receipt Print
  • Passbook Reprint Setup ( RD, Saving)
  • Passbook Print Setup
  • Reward voucher
  • Salary Receipt
  • MIS voucher
  • Maturity Receipt