Examination Module

Examination Module

Examination Module

administartion module

Our School Software having also a module to manage examination conducted at different months in most of all schools. This module helps users to manage their student’s exams monthly, half yearly and yearly. Examination module is a basic and first step to create the student wise grade cards and different reports provided by school administration. In this module user can manage their student’s examination schedules, sheeting arrangement, their exams marking management on report card.

Our software have facility of automated generate report cards at fast and accurate database. Suppose that the student lost his/her mark sheet and now he/she needed this urgently now there's no option to get mark sheet, if we talk about the school management then he also can't generate the mark sheet immediately but from the examination module the student can generate the mark sheet from the portal.

Administartion module

Features of Examination Module

This module provides flexibility to administration to generate different reports related to student’s examinations. From this module teachers can submit marks of students. It will give the notification to all student dashboard and to parents mobile phone related to exams that from this date is exams are going to held, be prepare for exams!!!. It will also sends the exams syllabus and exam schedule to all student's dashboard.

Accurate attendance on exam day

It check student's presence at exam day. It will mark the students present who is present at the exam day. After the result, it will calculate the marks of the all students and check performance of students done by students. After checking it will enter the marks. It also check the students who need of grace if anyone require then it will add grace marks in the student's subject. After all it will prepare the result and provide to all students online.


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