Library Module

Library Module

Library Module

administartion module

Parakite provides the library management module to users which help to manage school’s library at a place or platform. This module is more important for any school because it’s managing complete library activities performs in a library for example from purchasing of books to students issuing, return, reissuing etc. Our library module having many features which helps to users to implements student data of library. Its very fast and easy to use. Librarian don't need to enter full name of book librarian can simply scan on the bar code of the book, all information about that book will be shown in the system.

Administartion module

User friendly environment

It provides the user friendly environment and graphical representation of the data on the portal of library management.

Other Features

It will help for librarian for searching a book from the library and he can know the location of the book. If book is not available then it can get information about the book such as where is the book from which time.
With the help of this module the librarian can find the books with the name of the book, author of the book subject of the book. It will also calculate the due amount of books from the students.


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