Transport Module

Transport Module

Transport Module

administartion module

Parakite provides the facility of transport management by our transport module. This module helps to users to set their different routes and its charges according to distance. Today’s most of schools provide the facility to their students for transportation. The management of this transportation facility is widely required in today’s era. Here our software fulfills their requirements for transportation management of school that may helpful to school transportation management.

Why transport management module is needed ?

It's important because there are several news in the media in which some gangster kidnap their kids and demand money and if kid's parents could not arrange the money then they kill the child. So its provide the security of all students who comes from school transport.

Administartion module

Features of transport modules

With the help of this module admin can track all buses and can get information about buses. The driver of bus takes the responsibility to drop the children to their home.
Admin saved the all details about all bus drivers, their routes, their arriving and departure timing from the school.
This module will send a text message to parents and to students also if there is any changes in the timing of arriving and departing of the bus from the school.
Admin can set and define the timing of the buses from his admin panel. It list down the teachers going with students for security purpose.
WIth the help of this module Admin can see the fuel level of all transport vehicles and increases the security of students.


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