Garment Management Software

Garment Management Software

Garment Management Software

Garment is such an increasing or fast growing business that sustains the business growing speed continuously. But the way that could help for this, a complete garment management software that can manage the process steps performed in a garment business in unambiguous way. In this type of business user can face many types of dilemma during manage their business. Its cause the major performance issues in their business, So Garment Management Software controls and work for garment business to control these dilemmas . Every garment industry facing improper management of stock but this manages by these software easily. Big issues like season stock management, discount offers, lottery offers, sale etc. are desirably manage in these software.

Stock management

These software helps to manage the size, color, brand, and price wise stock management to differentiate from others and prevent from uncertain circumstances of stock losses or misplacement. These software are also helpful for exchanging stock management and help for making goodwill of business used these software. All stock entries are performed by the user in this software by barcode or tag scanning, so the chances of human mistakes are neglect in these entries.

Parakite solutions furnish software that creates users entry and manage their data, offers for particular user, discount and also solve the issue of the lost of the stock at the season sale. We have to furnish the facility for saving customer’s data. Personal information is secured in this software, during sale or offers messages will be sent to regular or existing customers by their data.

Helps to promote your Business

Facility helps users to promote their business at local as well as global level. We have to furnish facility to this software for misplacement of stock handling; issues by category such as price, size, color, brand etc. The billing facility of this software because of its payment modes such as debit card, credit cards, cash etc. is fast and correct. Due to facility of shortage of stock it will provide the alert message to user to inform, so user could not face the desirable stock shortage in the stock.


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