POS Billing Accounting Software

POS Billing Accounting Software

POS Billing Accounting Software

Accounting Softwares are made for small, medium and large scale businesses over the millions of users. This software are aid to customers for making beneficial data storage for accounting business purposes. Software helps customers for making quick access over the huge amount of data relate to business profit ability or losses also.

Through these Accounting Softwares Charted Accountant (CA) gets help for quickly preparing different types of reports for business requirements . Not only CA but this software are also aid for many accounting related persons initially who work in accounting or in business environment. Our accounting solutions follows accounting rules for calculations and different entries; then return result as accurate information. Currently GST (Goods & Services TAX) published apply on the Goods and Services which has cast effects on financial accounting reporting.

POS Accounting Software with Parakite

Parakite Solutions furnish you to such software solution that prevents your time, money and paper work just replacing by only one. We provide dexterity by this software to check the financial status at the end of the month and also end of the year, and compare previous year status to current year for further growth to the business.

This provide ability for preparing Balance sheet, Trial balance, Day book, Profit & Loss account etc. Reports so users can see different views of reports at one place for making decision for business profitability or growth. Parakite solution provides users worthless, customize, simple, portable, integrated, dynamic, specific, platform independent and recognize solution for accounting purpose. In which user can access different accounts and manage company/organization’s economical/financial state.

Modules of Parakite POS Accounting Software

Discount & scheme
Document printing
Inventory management
Fully user configurable invoicing
Comprehensive Financial Accounting
Payroll management

Our Accounting Software Facilities which make its unique

This is the way that provides you slightly or simple access without any specification about this field. But it supports under the authorization for security purpose so only authorized users or customers can access this. Data losses, redundancy, integrity etc. are mange through this software so that you can say big no for these obstacles. This solution takes raw data as input and than making change it to the desirable information.